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Lauren & Baby Isabell's Birth
October 2016

Hypnobirthing West Yorkshire, Leeds,

Hey Charlotte 


I just wanted to let you know our yellow bump turned pink on the 6/10/16 she is called Isabell and weighed 6lb 9oz she is adorable and amazing.  


The birth is definitely something to write home about, what a whirl wind.  I started having surges on 4/10/16, at about 3pm I started to time them.  After a quick visit to the birth centre at 6pm we came back home till we returned at 9pm, to which we went to our room and our journey properly began.  


I laboured in there till the morning of the 6th using only hypnobirthing as my pain relief (I tried gas and air didn't like it also had an injection of meptid which didn't take the edge off either). Sadly due to severe dehydration and slow dilation I had to be transferred to the labour ward.


After nearly 2 days of labour I was exhausted and decided to go down the epidural route as i had to be attached to fluid drips to get me back hydrated as well as the hormone drip to speed things up.   I'd had enough at this point and finally managed to get some rest :).  Due to slow dilation (birth centre for 2 days and only getting to 4cm) and Isabell being back to back I had to have a forecep delivery and episiotomy (I had 1 litre of blood loss due to quick removal of the placenta).


Upon Isabell's arrival into this world the surgeon discovered I had an infection in my waters and placenta, so after a quick check over and a snuggle with me and daddy she was taken to be treated with IV antibiotics. 


It has been a journey well and truly.  I would just like to say both me and Jamie with everything against us, have never been calmer or more collected considering the horrendous circumstances.  That is down to you and hypnobirthing, words can not describe how grateful we are for all your help and information.  I think I can honestly say it's changed us for the better as people, it is amazing. I will be recommending hypnobirthing and your self to any one that will listen.  It truly was a magical experience, even with everything that happened I still feel like I had the perfect birth of our beautiful daughter. ️️️️ 

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