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Hello I'm Charlotte!

I’m a passionate midwife and a hypnobirthing antenatal teacher.  I'm devoted to supporting you to regain confidence in your amazing body and to feel exhilarated after your positive birth experience that you will love!  I'm married to Mr K and I'm a mum to my two children, and like you I knew I had to find a better way of giving birth to my baby. 


I was pregnant with my second baby, and after a traumatic birth with my first baby I was desperate to find a better way of giving birth than my experience so far, and wanted to try and achieve a normal birth after a caesarean section.    When I started to research I came across hypnobirthing.  Both me and my husband were sceptical, I honestly didn’t think I would be able to birth in such a calm, gentle and controlled way.  


Once we began our course my confidence grew and after learning about how the body works and how fear interrupts birth, I began to believe it could work for me.  We both thoroughly enjoyed our course and felt very prepared and confident that I could birth my baby in a way that was different to my experience before.  I birthed our son using hypnobirthing techniques, it was truly amazing for me and my husband, and I want to help others to experience a positive, gentle and happy birth.




Since then I have been telling anyone and everyone about hypnobirthing, and in 2015 The Gentle Birth Company was born.  I have supported many families over the years to achieve a positive birth that they will remember for the rest of their lives, I want you to realise how easy and achievable that is.

My Story


With over 10 year’s experience of working as a midwife I am most passionate about providing evidenced based information to help you make choices about your care and to help you achieve the best birth possible for your situation. 


It doesn’t matter to me if you choose to birth in hospital, or at home; or if you choose to have an induction of labour, or if you prefer to have a caesarean section.  What matters to me is that you had all the information to make a choice.


My courses, are relaxed, friendly, interactive and very informative.  I use my expert midwifery knowledge to guide you through everything you need to know to navigate the maternity system, the course is a full antenatal workshop





My Philosophy

Its important that you choose the right person for hypnobirthing, that you feel comfortable with their style, and you are happy that they are right for you, please get in touch for an informal chat.

“Charlotte is knowledgeable yet personal, which I think is important when talking about such a private thing as the type of birth you want to achieve. ” Zara M.

“I felt calm and ready in the lead up to the birth and much more informed. When I arrived at hospital I was already fully dilated.”. Claire SD.

My Training

Essential Skills for Hypnosis for Hypnobirthing Practitioners

Certificate in Aromatherapy for Childbirth

Diploma in KG Hypnobirthing

First Class Hons BSc Midwifery Studies