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Hypnobirthing Antenatal Classes
West Yorkshire.

Relaxed, friendly, down to earth and practical hypnobirthing classes with expert midwife Charlotte in Huddersfield, Halifax, Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield.

Hello and Congratulations.

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Welcome to
The Gentle Birth Company

Are you ready to take control, be empowered and have a positive birth?

Well hypnobirthing does just that! 

The Gentle Birth Company workshop is here to help you PREPARE for your journey to parenthood, it is designed to EMPOWER you and your partner through KNOWLEDGE to help you make important CHOICES about your pregnancy care, labour and birth; as well as easy to learn PRACTICAL TOOLS helping you stay CALM AND RELAXED during labour and birth. 


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Hypno What?

I'm really not a fan of the name "Hypnobirthing", if I could re-name it I would, because the name makes it sound something which its not, something quite way out, and basically puts people off.  In a nutshell hypnobirthing is simple and easy to learn and understand, its just a bit of biology to learn how your body works during labour and some psychology to help you view birth in  different way to what we see on the TV, or what we are told by others.  Most people feel apprehensive about hypnobirthing, I did too but imagine turning your worries and concerns into feelings of excitement and confidence for the birth of your baby.

The Gentle Birth Company workshops are bursting with evidenced based information to provide you with a full antenatal birth preparation course.  Information is power right?  So you will have the knowledge to be empowered throughout your pregnancy, labour and birth, and to ask the right questions from your care provider.  The workshops are friendly, relaxed and practical and you will learn tools and techniques to help you relax and feel calm in labour.  

Hypnobirthing is for any birth, and whilst sometimes pregnancy and birth may take an unexpected turn you can do so much to ensure you feel in control of what's happening, and increase your chances of having a positive experience.  I will support and guide you throughout pregnancy, and right up until you meet your baby.

What if your birth experience turns out better than you could ever imagine?

Imagine bringing your baby into the world feeling, calm, in control, and exhilarated by how amazing it was!

What if your partner knew exactly what to do for you during labour, how to be a truly wonderful support, meeting your every need?

Imagine growing in confidence day by day feeling more excited about meeting your baby instead of feeling fearful.

This is what happens when you join The Gentle Birth Company hypnobirthing workshop! 

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It was the most amazing experience!  The midwives couldn't believe how quickly he arrived, they said that it was a perfect, text book midwife led birth and that they couldn't believe how I had got so far.  It was great, so special and so amazing!

Sophie & baby Louis

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"Our midwife said I had exceeded her expectations completely having a smooth, quick and calm labour, which we attribute to what we learnt and implemented as a result of hypnobirthing".

Eve, Steve & baby Sophie

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